Proactioneering always strives to promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all types of Industries including Hazardous Chemical, Engineering, Cement, Paper, Power generation, Oil & Gas – Petroleum Industries and Construction Safety Management Systems etc., to its management and employees as well. To facilitate such an environment, employees are required to attend certain mandated safety training sessions depending upon their specific job classification.

Statutory EHS Services:

  1. Safety Audits – External/Internal
  2. Hazard Analysis
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Emergency Management Plans
  5. HAZOP Study and report
  6. Mock drills
  7. Statutory Advice & Liaison

Hindustan Shipyard Limited

M/s Adani Wilmar Limited

The Andhara Petrochemicals Ltd., Visakhapatnam

M/s Visakha New White Oil Terminal